Book Art

I was in one of my favorite stores in Edinburgh the other day when I came across this fantastic wall art. It's not art in books, it's books as art! The books were housed in old bureau drawers mounted as shelves, and they were dealt with in every which way. Truly brilliant and beautiful! Not much to say, I'll just share:


Wow - of course I LOVE that! :0) Thanks for sharing!!
It looks like your work!!! xxoo :) e
Carl Holcomb said…

I am not sure about the "books as art". My very first impression was that I was looking at mushrooms from Northern Michigan. The texture and unique designs presented by each book caught me off guard. Unlike you, I do not have the trained eye you need to share something new and exciting. Rather than wall decorations, they would look great under a spruce tree. :)

Yay, Carl - I'm glad you were able to figure out how to leave a message! They do look like mushrooms under their caps! Nice to have your comment here. :) e

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