Friday Links List - 27 April 2018

From Entertainment: Is Tomi Adeyemi the new J.K. Rowling? 'she developed her mission as a storyteller: “Write a story that’s so good and so black that everyone’s going to have to read it — even if they’re racist.”'

From Brightly: Then and Now: How Fairy Tales Continue to Invite Us to Think Harder and Smarter

From AOI: World Illustration Awards 2018 - Short List

From The Federation of Children's Book Groups: The Importance of Fairy Tales, and Five Top Tips for Sharing Them

From Amazon:
For World Book Day, they are giving away nine kindle books from around the world!

From Brightly: Colorful Poetry: 22 Diverse Poetry Picture Books for Kids

From The New York Times: If Graphic Novels Are Hip for Adults, Why Not Picture Books?

From The Conversation: Children prefer to read books on paper rather than screens

From Bookish: In Search of Missing Children: Why Representation in Kid Lit Is So Important

From the Bookseller: Five contend for £5,000 Oscar's Book Prize

From The Nerdy Book Club: It’s Not Complicated by Donalyn Miller

From Writing BluePrints: Why Telling the Truth is the Only Path for Writers

From Forbes: If You're A Reader, You'll Want To Book A Trip To These Book Towns

From Muddy Colors: 10 Things . . . Clever Colloquialisms - CREATIVES, READ THIS!

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