Sketchbook Sharing!

I made a project for myself when I went to Bologna. I took a brand new sketchbook with the assignment to fill it up with biro pen sketches. I haven't filled it yet, but I'm working on it, and you can get a sneak peek. These are simply images that make me happy to create and that I'm hoping will get me some illustrated novel work. (Hellooooo, publishers!) Here are two, which you can click to see larger in a new window. To see all of the sketches so far, CLICK HERE!

These images are also being shared on the SCBWI blog at


Wow, these are all amazing. I especially want to read the story of the creepy family and the one with the little girl carried in the cage. My response: Oooohhhhhh, what is going on THERE! MOAR PLEASE!
THANK YOU!!!!! xxoo :) e
Clare Allen said…
Stunning! I love them all but the child and (pet?) dragon is just wonderful! Clare x
Anonymous said…
Lovely!!! My favorite is the tiger with the mouse, but I love them all.
Sue Kimmet said…
So much fun! I love your style.

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