#KidLitWomen - Week 5 - the Finalé!

This is the final week of #KidLitWomen. Have you been reading? It's been inspirational and educational.
We're celebrating Women's History Month with 31 days of posts focused on improving the climate for social and gender equality in the children’s and teens’ literature community. Join in the conversation on Facebook or Twitter #kidlitwomen.
MARCH 24th
Heather Scott: I Think *She* Can
Tracey Baptiste: The Movement Will Fail Without Intersectionality
Mike Jung: No More All Male Panels - A Pleadge in Solidarity With KidLitWomen

March 25th
Lindsay Metcalf & Traci Sorell: Combating Invisibility o fTransgender Kids
Madelyn Rosenberg: Funny
Jacqueline Davies: Women, Read Your Royalty Statements!

March 26th
Diana Toledano: Making Inclusive Books
Brianna Zamborsky: All of Us Making Our Movement an Inclusive One

March 27th
Megan Dowd Lambert: Diversity Audit Tool, Accountability Inclusion
Dill Werner: Non-binary Language
Joanna Marple: Illustrator Interviews - #Kidlitwomen A.M. Studios: Women Supporting Each Other

March 28th
Padma Venkatraman:I is for Inclusion
Jenny Paek: A Commitment For More Diverse Books
Laurel Snyder: No More All-White Panels: A Pledge
Jilanne Hoffman: Who Are You? Gender Bias
Tricia Springstrubb: #KidLitWomen

March 29th
Katie Kennedy: Some of Us Write Words; Some of Us Cream Butter
Avery Uwadaga: On Women in Translation: Guest Post
Lyn Miller-Lachman: Going It Alone As An Autistic Woman Writer
Anonymous Post: Different Grooming Standards Placed On Presenters

March 30th
Megan Dowd Lambert: On Kitchen Tables, Stovetops, Scales: Stories Tell Writing Lives
Joanna Marple: A School Librarian's Take on Women's History Month
Anonymous Post: The Children’s Industry and Aging
Jennifer Ziegler: It's the Grown-ups With the Hang-ups, Not the Readers
Julie Hedlund: Writing While Single Mothering
Judy Carey Nevin: Everything I planned to accomplish by participating in KidLitWomen

March 31st
Ellen C. Oh: I Did Not Do a Post for #KidLitWomen
Stephanie Ruble: let's continue celebrating diverse kidlit women and nonbinary people after March
Jesse Klausmeier: The Emotional Turmoil of Posting Opinions On Social Media
Laura Jimenez: An Open Letter to Well-meaning White Women
Anna Alter: Reflections on Mothering
Linda Sue Park: The Choices We Make
Melanie Crowder: Being Wendy
Andrea Skyberg: How Language Shapes Our Views On Gender
Nikki Wicks: Mirrors, Windows on Queer Representation in Kids Media
Debbie Reese: 2017 Scorecard: Books About Native Americans
Marcie Colleen: Read Her. Support Her. Value Her: A Look at our Amazing Kidlit Women Heritage
Eve Aldridge: [From Sketching An ABC of Female Kid Lit Creators]
Laurie Halse Anderson: #KidlitWomen: At the Crossroads of Rage and Hope

You can also access the full list as it progresses at Mishka Yeager's Website.
MY post went live on March 17th! Rewriting the Cultural Narrative
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