Drawing Outside on a Pretty Day

I have so much fun with my figure drawing class - it's a tight little group of students who are game to try any of the challenges I throw at them. The other day we were working on noses. So, after a quick lecture in the classroom, we headed out to the Hardin Garden to draw with natural light.
I talked about the Hardin Family Garden after my original trip to Winthrop. I had visions of one day having class outside in this very spot. And now, it's come true!
The garden is right behind the art building (McLaurin and Rutledge) and it is an oasis.
It has several fountains and sculptures.
You can see one of the waterfalls behind the students as they worked (the water is coming down between the brick pillars.
When we began, I had students break into pairs. Here are Hannah and Noel...
and Joy and Dani...
and Sierra and Josh...
and Michael and Nic.
They switched up when it came time to draw noses in profile view.
I wandered around and looked at student works offering suggestions, I even modeled a few times so they could draw an older nose - HA!. But overall, it was such a relaxing class, it hardly felt like teaching—more like a picnic. How lovely!
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