Roadside Wonders

On the way back from the lake, I yelled to Stan, "STOP THE CAR!" I'd seen something artsy and wonderous that warranted investigating. Being the patient man that he is, he obliged. This is what I saw.
Turns out it is the home to Starr Decorr.
It's a quirky gallery of mostly tin-sculptures collected from all over the south. I know these items have been 'in' for a while, but to see such an abundance of them in one place was awe-inspiring!
     Update! OMG, I almost forgot to mention the Big Foot! Do you see him leaning against the shed there? Apparently, they can't make those things fast enough, and they make them up to twice as big as the one you can see in the photo. Farmers are placing them in their fields to scare off coyotes and such. As such, Big Foot sightings in York County have spiked - HAHAHA!!!!
I informed my hubby upon arrival (and after seeing the reasonable prices) that we would be leaving with something. It was just a matter of which one! Would it be a flamingo?
Or perhaps a chicken?
Maybe the alien?
Or a butterfly in honor of our new butterfly garden (which is doing quite well, although the butterflies haven't found it yet).
There was a lovely collection of lanterns.
There were also lots of El dia de los muertos skeletons and pumkins for Halloween, but I'll share the bulk of those in a later post.
We had fun talking to the friend of the owner who was working there that day - the business is obviously a labor of love and passion. Certainly, it brings a ton of joy. I couldn't stop smiling and laughing all the way through!
     We finally decided on the Love Bug to adorn our wee patio. It makes us happy!
So, if you should happen to be on the way to the lake, or near one of their four locations, stop by, if only for a smile!

P.S. - If you wonder about my 'non-stuff' lifestyle - there are three things we have allowed ourselves: books, art supplies, and art. Books and art supplies, because they have proven unavoidable; and art, because it brings us joy!

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