"Identity" at Winthrop University

One of the joys of my new position as Associate Professor at Winthrop University is that I pass through the Lewandowski Gallery to get to my office every day. The gallery was named for the American Precisionist artist Edmund Lewandowski. Per Wikipedia, "his final position was as Professor and Chairman of the Art Department at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina, where he served from 1973 until 1984." As such, there is a lovely collection of his work floating around campus. I especially love his acrylic sculpture. (I'll have to get a good photo of the one in the conference room for you.) Meanwhile...
     The Lewandowski Gallery is a constantly changing display of the amazing talent we have here at Winthrop. The current show is called 'Identity' - here's what it's all about.

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Portraits and representational pieces line the walls.

Of course, a few of them really stand out to me. For instance, the amazingly talented graduate student/instructor Oscar Soto does amazing things with wood.
Here are two of his pieces from an earlier show. I truly love his work! (If you're interested in purchasing any pieces from him, I can put you in touch.)
I loved Rebekah Wood's "Unwilling."
This drawing by Griffin Cordell makes everyone oooo and ahhhhh.
I loved these boxes titled "The Kannaday's Kitchen Smelled Like Lemon Pepper Chicken" by Kasey Sears.
Wouldn't it be fun to wear these earrings by Jordan Black?
I loved Rhianna Rausch's "Funhouse" because I had a similar project during my undergrad sculpture classes - the idea/medium on the outside has to be opposite to the idea/medium on the inside.

But all said, I think my favorite piece was 'Eye-dentity' by Emily Shelton. Look at all those pillow eyes staring at you!!
Truly, what a treat to be able to enjoy all this talent every day!

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