12 Days Book Tour Wrap Up

The book tour for THE 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS IN GEORGIA has come to an end. (We all need time to wrap presents, bake cookies, and send out Christmas cards!) It was a fabulous tour, and it ended on a "High" note (sorry) at the Atlanta High Museum of Art. Woosie.
     But first - on Thursday evening we signed at Little Shop of Stories, our neighborhood children's bookstore. (You can click the image to see a larger view in a new window.)

     We had an awesome time and were able to do our 'whole hog' presentation. I created a drawing for each of the 12 Days while Susan walked the crowd through the adventures. All the images were hung on a clothesline and we SANG! Even my cousins were there - we had tons of fun!
     Saturday we had two events. The first was at the Peachtree Farmer's Market hosted by the Cathedral Bookstore - thanks to Sue Tierney for being our kind hostess. Although we didn't get any good photos, man was it crowded! Of course, the bookstore is Adorable and the Farmer's Market was amazing. Forget signing (not really), I could have shopped all day! Susan and I did get to partake of some incredible home-made crepes. And I bought a bundle of the most beautiful rainbow carrots I've ever seen. Yum!
     We grabbed a quick bite at Leon's Full Service then headed for the Decatur Library. Once again, our host, Joe Davich of the Georgia Center for the Book, proved his weight in gold. He'd arranged to have our presentation recorded by Georgia Public Broadcasting for their lecture series. Supposedly we will receive copies/links soon, which I will share with you...
     (Full disclosure - I am a board member of the Georgia Center for the Book so was mighty proud to be included.)

     Sunday we wrapped up our tour in style. First Susan and I enjoyed lunch with my friends from Spanish class, Raquel and Melissa (of Melissa Libby PR) at Table 1280. (Yes, we're celebrating - it's a lovely restaurant right across from the museum.) Susan is behind the camera in this one.

     Then we headed across the plaza to the Atlanta High Museum of Art Museum Shop for our book signing. We sold most of the books you see in this picture. One man even bought 14 copies! This became a recurring theme - people rarely purchased just one copy when they found out THE 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS IN GEORGIA actually ties in with Georgia school curriculum and it makes a Fabulous teacher gift.

     Shawn, Pat, and Kim (behind the camera) set us up RIGHT - thanks guys! They even had lovely signs made which they let Susan and I keep - awesome souvenirs of our "High" falutin' book signing! Truly, we signed a ton of books and it felt awesome sharing my artwork in THE place for sharing artwork - alongside Salvador Dali no less!

     Afterwards, Susan and I dropped by the Symphony Store at the Woodruff Arts Center to sign stock and were given a personal tour by Manager, Stephen Jones. He is so excited about our book, especially the spread about the Georgia Music Hall of Fame. (No surprise there!) He had some great ideas for getting the news out about THE 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS IN GEORGIA next year...
     Which at this point is hard for Susan and I to even think about! We clinked glasses, patted our backs, sang Teresa's praises for arranging such an incredible tour for us, and basically agreed to personally melt deep into the new year.
     Thanks to everybody for showing us such kindness; to the fans of the THE 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS IN GEORGIA; and thanks to Sterling Children's Books for letting us be a part of such a great series (there will eventually be a 12 Days for each state in the US). We were so proud to represent Georgia, and I fell in love with my state all over again.
     Merry Christmas!

Note: Click here to go back and read about our Book Tour from the start. It's in three stages/blog posts. Cheers!


Melissa said...

Congrats on your successful tour and the awesome book!!

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

Thanks chickadee! And it was SO awesome to share some of it with you! Hugs, :) e

Debbie Wiles said...

Wowee! I am breathless just reading about the whole thing. What a terrific tour! So happy for you, and the lucky readers who will have a copy of your new book. xoxo

Vicky Alvear Shecter said...

What an amazing ride! Can't believe you're still standing!

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

I've got one last exam on Wednesday and then I can fall over! :) e