Put your 2011 Goals OUT THERE! (giveaway!)

According to my stats, over 6,000 of you follow my blog each day on average. However I only hear from a few of you (hugs) in my comments. So, here's your chance!
     It's said that when you put something out into the Universe, it makes it more real. Hence, putting your goals out into the Universe, makes them more possible. So put your goals out HERE!
     Leave a comment, sharing your goals for 2011!
     If 25 of you (no repeat visitors) comment by January 7th, I'll do a drawing for a book of your choice (one of my books). If 50 of you comment, I'll do two - and up in increments of 25. I may be reaching here - but one of my goals for 2011 is to receive more comments on my blog!

My other goals for 2011:
     Sell my work-in-progress novel (almost done!).
     Sell at least two picture book manuscripts (one of which my agent is
        sending out as soon as the publishing houses reopen).
     Illustrate at least one picture book.
     Take better care of myself physically and creatively.

What are YOUR goals for 2011?

Update! We hit 25 comments on my post "Put your 2011 Goals OUT THERE!" So I'll be doing a drawing for at least ONE book giveaway. If we can get up to 50 comments by January 7th, I'll give away TWO books. If you sign anonymously, please put your name and email (or some way to get in touch with you) in your message. Otherwise, how will I contact you if you win? Gads, that would be terrible if I couldn't reach you...

DING! DING! DING! We've got over 50 comments so I will be doing a drawing for TWO of my books. Although you still have until tomorrow (the 7th) to share your 2011 goals and be entered in the drawing!!!
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