At the Savannah Children's Book Festival

Well here's something wacky. Somebody was running around making videos of the speakers to promote the Savannah Children's Book Festival. I'm not sure how they plan to use these, but I stumbled across the one of me recently...


Deebi27 said…
Go Elizabeth Go, Yes, all should come!! Children's books are windows into the world children come from. Colorful and with verse usually needed to be read over and over and over! Someof my & my classroom's most favoite books come from the picture book shelves! Books are magic!
Michele said…
I just wanted to pop in and tell you how much I adore all of your images you've created for JustRite! I am honored to get to use them as a card designer! I am also a teacher and now need to go check out your books as well! : )
I agree Deebi!!!
Thanks for stopping by Michele! Be sure to check out my coloring pages too (under 'free') - teachers especially love them! :)

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