Ka Mate! Ka Mate!

My cousin-in-law hails from New Zealand, so our family has enjoyed learning about the culture of his home country - like Christmas on the beach, Boxing Day, and Ka Mate! Originally a battle cry of the indigenous people of New Zealand, it has become a new holiday tradition in our family, as well as a rally before international soccer games. Here's what it looks like...

     If you watch the video on YouTube, look at some of the links in the side and you'll see more examples of the dance.
     The direct translation of the words can be gruesome or inspiring, depending on how you look at it - this was a battle cry after all. But perhaps it's appropriate for the New Year as well. We can enter like a lamb, or a lion - fierce and ready for whatever lies ahead!
Listen up with your ears!
It is death! It is death!
It is life! It is life!
We're going to die! We're going to die!
We're going to live! We're going to live!
This is the man, so hairy Who fetched,
and made shine the sun!
Together! Keep together!
Up the step! A second step!
Out comes the sun!
     Of course, my favorite thing is seeing my little cousins (ages 4 and 6) learning to do this incredibly powerful dance!
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