Is This a Word?

Great site to check if you made a word up or if it already exists: So are you like Shakespeare? Did you really make up the words you use? Check it out!
Thanks to Daily Candy for the heads up.


Gregory K. said…
That's a fantubulamic website (nope, not a word)!
Joan V said…
Oh, Elizabeth, thank you for adding some fun to my day. Love your site.
Happy New Year.
annawritedraw said…
Okay. They say that "ironical" and "irregardless" are both words. I don't believe it. These are my pet peeve words. Say it isn't so!
Deebi27 said…
What fun...cheeper is not a word, but I thought it might not be. That was the word my son used when he was just a wee child and asking for ketchup. Happy New Year Elizabeth!
You guys are Crackin' me UP! I can't believe I can't claim "fantabulous" as my own - it's a word!! And I knew "woozy" was a word, but I use it differently. "E Gads" however, is not a word. :)

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