Edinburgh - Pictures 2

Random shots while wandering about town...
There are bookstores EVERYWHERE!!!

And this is the square where the annual book festival is held:

The pubs really are stunning...

Stan had a meeting here:

And here he is at the Bon Vivante (a French restaurant on Thistle Street):

This is across from an apartment we're looking at - it's being refurbished:

Random clock tower:

On the higher street of Victoria Street:

And Stan looking over, facing the other way, up Victoria Street:

We really haven't been doing the touristy stuff. We've mostly been walking - trying to get to know the neighborhoods and get our bearings. Truly, everything is within walking distance in Edinburgh, but there can be some tremendous hills from point A to B. Everywhere, we're surrounded by ancient and old architecture butting up against the new. And everywhere, people smile. This has got to be the friendliest town I've ever been to - hands down.
More coming soon!

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