Edinburgh - Pictures 6

Yesterday, we explored the Stockbridge/Dean Village area. It's a slightly quieter part of town towards the north. Lovely. Here are some images:

     Golden Hare Books is in this neighborhood and it is CHARMING - tons of picture books. In fact, I saw several friends represented - Molly Idle, Kate Messner, a book I'll be featuring soon, etc. It's like being surrounded by friends.

     Along the river, we headed to Dean Village. Some of the most picturesque shots I've seen of Edinburgh were taken in Dean village - although we didn't go far enough up the trail to see the spectacular shots. Next time. This time, we did see this lovely door in this odd little pergola building...

Which was topped by this:

The day ended with a lovely dinner at a Thai restaurant downtown with some new friends I met in a pub the other night (an expat couple from Chicago). We were having a great time until I came down with a very fast moving bug. Pah! It was a rough night and I'm in bed today. (Happily, it's a very comfortable bed.) Stan is going to do today's exploration and bring me some soup to heal me. What a good egg.
      And then tomorrow we catch an early flight home.
     Home - funny word. This place already feels so familiar, I think it will fit us very well!

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Liz Davis- Darlington Library said...

Glad that you are feeling better! Have a safe trip home :)