Friday Linky List - March 6, 2015

Because I'm in Edinburgh right now, I had to share this article from BuzzFeed (via Shelf Awareness): 15 Charming Edinburgh Bookshops You Must See Before You Die

From The Artery (via PW): Ed Emberley Won Kids Books' Highest Honor, Then He Taught Us All To Draw

From The Guardian (via PW): Why are so many adults reading YA and teen fiction?

From Salon (via PW): Down and dirty fairy tales: How this rediscovered stash of darker-than-Grimm stories destroys our Prince Charming Myths

SCBWI debuts the new Lee Bennett Hopkins Poetry Award (via PW)

From Writer's Digest: Why Every Writer Should Keep a Travel Journal

From BoingBoing: M.T. Anderson, sci-fi author, accidental prophet, and nice guy

From BuzzFeedBooks (via PW): The 19 Funniest Neil Gaiman Tweets Of All Time

From literaticat (Jennifer Represents...): Real Talk: $ix Figure Book Deal$


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