We're in Edinburgh!

This is our first trip over and we're scouting out all sorts of things. Stan has interviews lined up. We'll be meeting with various realtors. AND I finally got to tour the College of Art in the University of Edinburgh where I will be studying an MFA in Illustration!

I was so flattered that the head of the illustration department, "Johnny" Gibbs accompanied me, Stan and Lecturer/artist Mike Wendle all around the art school. I even got to see the graduate student studios. The whole thing was so inspiring, I was completely wound up after we left! I cannot wait to get over here full time and get to WORK!
     Of course, we're also running on very little sleep. We flew from Atlanta to Amsterdam, then Amsterdam to Edinburgh. It was Sunday when we started and sometime Monday when we got here. And we hit the ground running. Had a fabulous lunch at a small lunch spot called Mint, bought some groceries downstairs from our flat, walked around a bit before my meeting at the College of Art. It was a lot straight off the plane, but that's the best way to adjust to a new time zone (5 hours ahead) - just go-go-go until you fall over at a normal local time.
     We stopped into a pub to celebrate the College of Art - the Hanging Bat - which is right across the street. The bartender kindly talked us through the currency here and proper pub etiquette - both very important.
     So far we are in love with this city. Everybody is SO friendly here - and that's coming from a Georgia girl. Peaches - the south has nothing on the Scottish - no lie! And yes, the weather is a little crazy - we've already experienced sunshine, rain, snow, sunshine again, snow again, and lots of wind. But it's been so much fun to walk around like a bobble-head, admiring everything, we really haven't noticed the weather that much. Tonight we meet up with a foodie group - Scran Salon - chefs, food bloggers, and the like. Stan's been plugging us in with the gastronomic crowd, so we are already eating well. But I am becoming a bit sub-verbal and will fall over soon...
PS - This is the view from our AirBnB. That'd be the castle in the background!


Margaret, said...

Welcome to England lovely photo you are in Edinburgh i am in Kent right at the bottom of England slightly to the right Have a great time enjoy
Margaret from Kent England

Teresa Kravtin said...

Just WOW! I'm so excited for both of you. ❤️

LxoJ said...

!!!! Thrilled !!!!
Tell us more about pub etiquette.
!!!! <~ me being excited 4 u

Anonymous said...

So excited for you! And yes, a bit jealous. ENJOY!

Wild About Words said...

What amazing adventures. Enjoy every moment!!!

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

Margaret - Thank you! I hope I'll see you one of these days!

Teresa - Thanks! Come visit!!

LJ - Come over and we'll share. :)

Thanks Sarah!

WAW - We are, we are!!!!

Hugs to all! e

shadrieka said...

Wowie! Have a wonderful time!!! So exciting! Can't wait to hear all about SCBWI London ;-)