End of Semester

It's hard to believe, but I'm reaching the end of my first year in my MFA in Illustration at the University of Edinburgh College of Art. All us students gather our projects on our desks to present for our End of Semester Review. It's a stressful time as we get everything just right, but it's also an amazing opportunity to see everything we've accomplished since January. And wow, we have done SO MUCH!
     Here's the view of my desk set up for examination. To the left is my desk. Here you can see my Gallery Show submission (more on that soon, I hope), my materials for the Bologna Children's Book Fair, my "Animal Alphabet" project, my own summary, my Context paper, my hand-made book dummy, and two wood-cuts for two workshops.
To the right of my desk are my side cabinets. On tope of those are my Grant Applications, Conferences, my TEDx Talk, another book dummy I'm working on, the Watercolor Workshop, two Gallery Show that did accept my artwork, my PhD mentorship, and a book cover design project.
And finally, the wall behind my desk holds the processes, the works-in-progress, including a Picture Book Workshop, life drawing, and my screen printed quotes project.
Gadzooks! I'm proud of it all and my fingers are crossed for good grades. Wish me luck!

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