Porty on a Pretty Day

One of the things I love about Edinburgh is how quickly you can be... elsewhere. A short bus ride can export you to completely different worlds - skiing, hiking, or laying on the beach.
I've written about Portobello Beach before, but it deserves another visit. The weather has finally turned gorgeous here and we recently went looking for some Vitamin D. We found it and laid on the beautiful beach to soak it in. Happy dogs danced around us and above us flew Ultralights - hang-gliders with small engines. Can you see them?
Lunch was at the Espy - it's become our favorite beachside indulgence. And somehow we ended up with the best table in the house, with the amazing view of the boardwalk and the water beyond.
Even in this amazing city, sometimes you need a break. Porty is our favorite place to get it. Ahhhhh.

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