Picture Book Workshop

I recently gave a talk on creating picture books at the Edinburgh Central Library for the SCBWI British Isles Southeast Scotland chapter. It was a sold out workshop with 24 attendees. I really do love to teach, so I was happy in my comfort zone once again.
Here's what we talked about:
How does your picture book manuscript translate into the finished item that will be fully illustrated, enthralling readers whether they're opening your book for the first time or the fifty-first?

Award-winning picture book author-illustrator Elizabeth Dulemba offers an expert workshop in Edinburgh – including hands-on work with storyboards, four-panel and full-length "dummy" picture book prototypes – to help you bring your existing picture book text or well-developed picture book idea onto the page. This workshop intensive will help you get to the heart of the structure of your story, and think visually.

Perfect for picture book authors as well as illustrators looking for professional feedback on draft or finished sketches for a specific picture book project.
We covered a lot of territory in the short three hours and I loved the comments afterwards. It seemed everybody had a great time and learned tons - which is always my goal.
I'm so enjoying getting to know the warm and friendly children's book creators here in Scotland and the surrounds. It's a great group of people, especially my hosts Sheila Averbuch and Louise Kelly, and Sarah Broadley who took these great photos. It was also a nice warm up for this summer where I'll be heading to Hollins University to teach Picture Book Design in the MFA in Writing and Illustrating Children's Books. Looking forward to it!

Here are some more wrap-ups of the day:
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Claire O'Brien said...

Thanks again for a great workshop and the link to my post. You really are a great teacher!

Elizabeth O Dulemba said...

Thank you Claire! :)