Spring in Edinburgh

Okay, I'll admit, Spring here is different. Back in Georgia, the temperatures are already in the 80s. Here, we've still been wearing our hats, gloves and warm boots, longing for the 50s (10°c). Spring has been rather manic depressive. While eating lunch the other day, I watched the sky go from rain to sun to hail to sun again, all during one meal. It's tricky to dress for!
     BUT! In between those brief showers and fertilizer-sized hail, we got glimpses of the season to come.

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Daffodils are blooming, Cheery Trees are blossoming.
Gardens are filling with color and fun sculptures like baby chickens.
and sheep.
When the sun comes out, I am grateful to see my shadow. Well, hello there!
And the bowling greens eagerly await their happy players.
Best of all, everybody here revels in the crisp, blue sky and warm sun in true Edinburgh fashion. There's nothing like hanging out with a castle...

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And then, last weekend, it all changed. The weather turned GORGEOUS and Stan and I went out to wander on what felt like a true spring day. We meandered down to the Stockbridge Farmers Market where we purchased our first picnic of the year, which we ate on a bench overlooking the Water of Leith.
As we finished we ran into friends.
Together, we walked along the Water of Leith and the Colonies - an adorable set of flats originally built for and settled by artists.

We sat outside in a sunbeam and had the most lovely afternoon. I look forward to more days like this to come!

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Daffodil Cards said...

Because of so many changes, us Brits love talking about the weather LOL.