A Gallery Show on Circus Lane - and Books, of course!

Circus Lane is a bucolic little street tucked into the Stockbridge area in the city of Edinburgh.
Not that anyone needs an excuse to visit it, but when you do have an excuse, it's especially nice—an excuse like a gallery pop-up show with one of my artist friends showing her latest work.
You can just see the nose of the doggie greeter in the left of this image - she was a very good greeter. Joanna was displaying happy landscapes of her homeland of Poland.
     From there, Stan and I went to a lovely lunch at The Foundry in the West End. I want to decorate a future home like this place - very lofty cool.
     Then we headed to the Edinburgh International Book Festival to see David Almond and Michael Morpurgo. We also ran into friends to sit with. It was a beautiful and wonderful day!

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