Fringe Fun #2

Stan and I had an errand to run on the other side of town recently, so we tied in some Fringe wanderings along the way. The building where my graduation ceremony took place (and where my classmates put my head on a stick so that I could be there, as I was teaching in the states at the time), has an enormous open piazza in front of it that has been consumed by Fringe.
It had this awesome little gin bar (with a tree fort) in the middle of it.
Funny decorations are everywhere, like these foam flowers.
Sometimes all they use is colored lights - to great effect. The BBC tent is in front of the George Heriot's School (Hogwarts).
Pop-up theatres pop-up everywhere, and they are so colorful and fun! Here's Stan at one.
And here's another.
Some of our faves were back, like this tent bar that reminds us of our honeymoon in Africa.
Of course, the crowning glory of Fringe is the enormous, inflated, upside-down cow theatre - the symbol of one of the biggest hosts for Fringe, Underbelly.
More soon!

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