Friday Links List - 10 August 2018

From Good Gear (via colleague Julie Mcadam): A handmade Bookshelf Blanket (quilt) - Awesome!

From YouTube: 12 Genius Hacks for Colored Pencils - GREAT TIPS!

From The Picture Book Den: Are you famous?

From The Good News Network: Answering Trivia Questions With This App Can Pay Off Other People's Student Loans

Also from The Good News Network: Why the World Needs More Square Pegs in Round Holes - Differently-Abled People, Too

From Atlas Obscura (via PW): The Crack Squad of Librarians Who Track Down Half-Forgotten Books

From Brightly: 10 Bingeable Series That Middle Grade Readers Love

From 100 Scope Notes: The Top 10 Most Unusual Bookmarks on Etsy

From The Guardian: Drawn to success: how to bring out your inner artist

Book Birthday! I'm thrilled to share Amalia Hoffman's new DREIDEL DAY, winner of the PJ Library Author Incentive Award for Jewish Children Books and selected as a PJ Library Book which means that it will be distributed widely to families in the US & abroad. CONGRATULATIONS, Amalia!

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