Harvey Nicks in Edinburgh

Fringe is over, scaffolding is coming down, tourists have left, and Edinburgh is getting back to 'normal' - or whatever our wonderful normal is here. We still have crazy things like the display windows at the local Harvey Nichols Department Store - a.k.a. "Harvey Nicks." These aren't great photos, but I figured you may like to see what's reflected in the glass as much as what's behind the glass. Like this girl hanging out in a palm tree, as you do.
Or this woman water-skiing on a clothespin.
Or this guy surfing a wave, with a fellow surfer made out of hangers.
Or this girl walking flying dogs. Can you see them?
And this artist who has become her art.
And then there's my favorite - the reader stuck in an enormous bird-cage whilst sitting on an enormous pile of books.
I love these creative displays and always look forward to what they'll come up with next!

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