Building Furniture

I find it ironic that one of the #Inktober prompts was 'Build.' Moving back from Scotland, we had no furniture, so it's been a slow process of purchasing and putting together new furniture for quite a few weekends now. (We're going mid-century modern.) And with these last two boxes, we are finally finished for now.
It would seem that furniture offerings for wee little apartments like ours are slim if you visit the big furniture stores (everything is SO BIG!), so most of what we've purchased has been online. Houzz did right by us! Others, did okay. Certainly, the new end tables are better than the plastic containers we had there before. HA!
So, it's all starting to come together and feel like home.
We will probably purchase a small house again at some point (a bungalow!), but this is a good space for us for now. And there is a sense of accomplishment in putting furniture together. We can look at everything and say 'I made that!' I do love the ease of padding about in a wee flat with a fuzzy rug and easy access to everything. The location couldn't be better, too. We're downtown within walking distance to everything. So nice! So, here is home for now - all set. :)

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