My First Political Campaign Rally!

Yesterday was Open House at Winthrop U - FUN! But when Stan picked me up to drive me back to our flat at about 2:00pm (we only have one car), there was a huge crowd in front of the courthouse and we couldn't find a space in our parking deck. What was going on?
     Turns out Mayor Pete Buttigieg was in town! I knew he was coming to town - all of the candidates have been coming through. "The road to the White House runs through Rock Hill!" But I didn't know he was going to be right there, across the street from our flat! It was a huge crowd!
That said, we're typically not into crowds, so we hung out on the back patio at McHale's Irish Pub, just across the street from the rally. McHale's was Rachel Maddow's base-camp during the last election cycle - so they're a bit famous and only a few doors away from our flat. They turned off their music so that we could hear the rally. Another couple ended up joining us (Angie and John), along with the bartender (Josh). We were doin' the rally in STYLE! We drank beer, ate fries, and talked politics. And although we could hear okay, my new friend John and I went back and forth across the street to the main event to get a closer listen.
We got Mayor Pete stickers, and somehow, we were able to get really close!
I was thrilled to see so many people there.
I'd never been to a campaign rally before. The energy was thrilling. We clapped and shouted like crazy. I checked out the schwag table while Pete was talking.
Although I'm a Warren fan, I would happily vote for Mayor Pete if he ends up the front runner. Overall, he was great with the crowd, looks exactly like he does on tv, and seemed like a down-to-earth good guy. How awesome to have this experience in my back yard, just feet from my new home!

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Jennifer Oberholtzer said...

Rally fun & you look gorgeous & happy!♥️😄