Groovy Artsy Watercolor Kit

When I went to my first critique group meet-up with local children's book illustrators last month, Chris showed us all a watercolor kit that was very, very cool.
He had two kits, actually. One folded and unfolded.

The other worked like a fan.

The creator of the kits is a guy named Lin. He sent Chris the kits to help spread the word about them. Well, I wanted to share them with all of you, so Lin sent me a kit too. It arrives all folded in a plastic sleeve with three water brushes and the folded palette.
There was a nice little 'Thank you' note inside.
I was so excited to try it out. There's a little loop on the back so that you can hold it just like you would an oil-paint palette.

.Here's a list of the included colors.
I decided to use them to paint the broadside I created from a poem Jane Yolen sent me about Heart Art - the question I ask authors and illustrators every week on my blog.
I loved the wide array of colors - cool and hot versions of colors. It was so fun to play with - I will be doing a lot more painting with this kit in the future - it's so easy to carry around! Thank you to Lin for sending me the kit, and thank you to Jane for sending me the poem!
     If you're interested in getting one of Lin's folding watercolor kits of your own - CLICK HERE! And the fan kit is available HERE!

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