Paula's Paradise #1

Remember how in my TED Talk, I said I liked visiting other people's stuff? Well, this is exactly what I was talking about... And this is going to take more than one post to share.
     I recently made a new friend here in Rock Hill. The other day we met for lunch at Amelie's and gabbed and gabbed and gabbed...
And then we went to see her house. She has a well-known secret among the art community here... her house is a masterpiece of creative expression! Her name is Paula Smith and she is a ceramicist extraordinaire, but she is also so much more than that. To see an individual piece of hers is to be enchanted, to see it all together in her home is to recognize her genius. Here is Paula welcoming me to her home...
This unassuming gate leads to her back garden where you start to understand that you are in for something special.
She's done several large commission pieces like this hand sculpture, but this one remains in her back garden.
Her daughter, Emily, is equally as talented as you can see by these platters.
There are lovely places to sit and enjoy the paradise Paula has created...
But you'll want to keep going, because this is Paula's studio.
It's a pre-fab building she purchased and outfitted with heat, air, water, and talent.
Not an inch has gone untouched...
Not even the ceiling!
Her work is everywhere and is available for purchase - you can get in touch via her website.

She even has her own kiln shed behind her studio. But as amazing as her studio is, wait until you see her house... coming soon!

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