Paula's Paradise #4

Paula Smith's home is like a genie bottle, or a museum, or a magical movie-set that goes on and on. From the den, we went into the hallway.
She loves crazy quilts and collecting other ceramicists' works, celebrating the practice she loves so much.
Along with beads, she also loves creating mosaics with shells like on this wonderful mirror.
Paula's house faces East Main Street, where she has another welcoming porch...
that leads to the front door.
It's a bit loud on that side, so we headed back in, down to the hallway to the bedrooms... such as their daughter, Emily's room, that has a completely different color palette, but all the shell mosaics...
the guest room, that is probably the most inviting guest room I've ever seen...
and the Master...
with Paula's expansive collection of mandalas that she often uses to created impressions in her pottery.
Paula's house is like a box of chocolates with one delicious discovery after another. And finally, I had seen it all. Well, not really, I think it would takes eons to notice all the magical details she's created. Here's hoping I'll be visiting this friend a whole lot more, partly to enjoy her creative home, but mostly for that cuppa tea and lots more wonderful conversations. I can't wait!

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