Karen's Butterfly House - more!

My friend Karen Stock has created a sanctuary for butterflies in her yard. While she did it to help save the dwindling Monarch Butterfly population, other species of butterflies are also attracted to her yard. She helps them too. For instance, here are some Swallowtail Butterfly chrysalises—you can see one in the back curling up, ready to join its friends and make its own chrysalis.
Here are some Giant Swallowtail pillars (caterpillars)—they're the bits that look like aliens or dead leaves.

     Another species Karen helps out quite a bit is the Golden Fritillary. Karen makes sure to keep their favorite foods in the nets with them. These are some very happy pillars!
These are some wild looking pillars. I'm not sure I'd ever seen one before Karen showed me, had you? She shared this close-up:
Their chrysalises are unremarkable. I wonder how many I've seen in the wild and thought were just dried leaves?
I'd never even heard of this butterfly, but you can see why it might get confused with the Monarch—it's orange too—beautiful!
It's such fun to have friends with such interesting passions. I never thought I'd be introduced to the fascinating world of butterflies so closely. And now, I can share Karen's butterflies with you too. Awesome, right?

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