South Carolina recently passed a new law to allow "in-person absentee voting" (a.k.a. "early voting"). And while I think the term "in-person absentee voting" is a bit of a voter suppressive term - taking the simple idea of "early voting" and making it sound complicated, it couldn't have been more simple. The SCVotes.org said there would be paperwork to fill out, but there wasn't. We simply drove to one of the three early voting locations in our county (30 minutes away in York), waited in a short line, showed them our ID and voter registration cards, were handed ballots, voted, and that was it - easy peasy! There was even a cute little cafe across the street where we stopped to celebrate, because voting just feels so darned GOOD! So, Stan and I voted on Monday - YAY! I even got a great mask from Winthrop U to help celebrate. Here I am with my mask and my sticker. :)
     If you have the option in your state, lessen the lines for folks on voting day, lessen your own exposure, and vote early!

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