10 April 2010

The Clyde (animation created using iPad)

I can't embed The Clyde (by furbawl), so you'll have to go view it on the FlipBook.tv site where it just won an award.
     Wonderful and sweet little animation, even cooler that it was created using an iPad with a Pogo Stylus pen and Sketch Book Pro.
     I'm tellin' ya - I think I might finally have my digital sketch book - wow!


Bort Q. said...

furbawl here :-)
Thankyou for your kind words regarding "The Clyde", Nutley's favorite feline.
Clyde has become a character unto himself in the eyes of my close knit facebook crowd. Whenever I get a chance to draw him, he gets drawn.
Clyde can also be viewed here
As a bonus, here's two test animations featuring Clyde:
test one
test two
(the latter featuring one of the "Yup Yup" martians from classic Sesame Street).
Just a correction: this movie was actually created not on the iPad, but on the much, much smaller iPhone using the FlipBook animation app with a POGO stylus.
But, boy-howdy, I can't wait to get my paws on one of them iPads - the potential is blowing my mind!!!
(I can't help myself... here's a bonus doodle for yuz)

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

Oh my gosh - that's even more impressive! Thanks so much for stopping by Bort - I love your work!

Bort Q. said...

Thanx... and from what I saw on your site, your artwork's quite impressive aswell.
I'm right now at the crossroads of life as to where I want to pursue my artistic goals. With only one path to choose, will it be:
1) move to NJ and further develop my animation and become the next Chuck Jones
2) move to NJ and restart my kitty caricatures endevour
3) do what several coworkers have said to me and become a children's book illustrator (and move to NJ)
4) stay landlocked in Melbourne, Australia and continue to slug it out & be miserable in my current 9-5 job as faux-design-graphics guy...
Where to go, what to do... decisions, decisions, decisions.

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

Sounds like New Jersey is figuring prominently! I can't speak to the cost of living up there - but I'd sure love to see more of your work - and you need creative time to do it!
Best of luck with a tough decision,


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