Mermaid Quilt!

What is it about my little mermaid!? She has been used to decorate a cake and now adorns this amazing quilt by Lorraine, sent to me by her friend Keziah. Lorraine made this as a wall hanging for her granddaughter. Gotta say, if I were her granddaughter, I'd be thrilled! Isn't she lovely!? Wow.

Click here if you'd like to download the mermaid to color yourself!


Unknown said...

Wow thats beautifull :) And I loove your coloringpages too :) Have you considered to make a realy cute zebra once? :) My daughter loooooves zebras, and I have been looking for a cute one like your spotted horse <3 And I have also been planning to quilt a bag to her with one on ;) But as I said... I havent find the right one yet ;)

Elizabeth O Dulemba said...

Hi JemKem,
I'll add a zebra to my list. I've received several suggestions I need to catch up on now that most of the holidays are behind us.

Unknown said...

That sounds great :) You have such a lovely style :)