Lula's Brew for iPad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woosie! Visit iTunes, type in "Children's Story." Only six options come up and Lula's Brew is one of 'em!!!!! WOWSA!!!! (Type in "Picture Book" and Lula is one of only 18 options!) I'm sure this won't last for long - so you gotta check it out!!! This is for the first generation iPad which comes out TODAY! (Hubbie and I have the 3G version on order - that'll come out later in the month.) So, if you get an iPad, go to the App Store, download Lula's Brew and tell me how it looks, will ya??? (I'm not geeking out or anything...) COOL!

To help celebrate, here are the Stray Cats singing Be-Bop-A-Lula LIVE!

Here's a quick demo of how the app works:

And a sneak peek at the story:

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