Color Scheme for Lula's Brew!

When I worked in the fashion industry (Buster Brown Apparel for kids), color palettes were a big deal. There were entire companies set up to forecast what would be the 'hot new colors' every year. (You didn't think it just happened did you?)
     I used to love the presentations they gave. Color is a BIG DEAL!!! It can drive our moods, affect what we think about things, and our psyches. I'm fascinated by it and wrote an entire article about color for the SCBWI Bulletin last year called Illuminating Color.
     With that kind of background, I often try to figure out what the color palettes for my books are... but I hadn't gotten to LULA'S BREW yet. And I adore the rich aquas and oranges I used in that book.
     So I was thrilled when Chase Mann asked permission to do a color scheme for LULA'S BREW. And who knew, these days they have programs to set html color codes, and even host contests on color scheme community sites!
     Chase adores color as much as I do and has a good track record in these contests. So, check out Chase's report on how he chose colors for LULA'S BREW!


AimItMedia said...

Thanks so much for the kudos Elizabeth ... I'm really glad you liked my color scheme ... it's been downloaded 260 times from so far!

I look forward to making another color scheme from your artwork in the future.


Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

I look forward to seeing them Chase!