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People often ask me who does my website. Well, I do. Back when I was a full-time graphic designer I taught myself html. I studied like crazy online, took a course on web design at New Horizons, and when we had a knowledgeable programmer consulting in-house, Bill Brock of Technology Projects, I asked a ton of questions. Slowly, I gained a working knowledge of how to turn my designs (which I created in Adobe Photoshop) into functional web pages. Eventually Bill convinced me my life would be much easier if I had Adobe Dreamweaver. He was right.
     Back then, websites were driven by html tables or frames. Some designers later turned to Flash, although I never could get into that. (Turned out to be the right decision as Art Directors can't pull art samples from Flash-driven sites and now Apple doesn't support Flash at all.)
     But nowadays, sites are driven by div tags and css coding. I'm a little behind.
     Thanks to June Goulding, I learned about an online course at - "Photoshop to HTML." The classes began April 20th, but they are being archived. Want to join me?


Anonymous said…
Hi! I attended today's 'class' in PSD to HTML and just wanted to say that I can completely relate to your post. Back when I had done a website for my son (nearly 10 years ago) every-thing-web seemed so easy. Today's class made me realize that things haven't become harder but instead - I've fallen out of the loop. It gave me a whole new perspective on getting my website up and running, an issue I've been struggling with the last couple of weeks.
So here's me joining back on and hanging on for dear life! :) Thank you for tweeting about it earlier this week and helping me change for the better.
Very cool and good luck Susanna! :) e
Anne Bielby said…
Have fun in your class. I hope you learn lots.

I'm not ready to give up on Flash just yet. Pics can be exported from flash in a variety of formats.

Most people who use Macs use them because of Adobe Products. Apple is literally biting the hand that feeds them. What would your Mac be without Adobe Photoshop?

Hopefully, the Adobe/Apple war will be settled soon, meanwhile, I'm thinking positively and continuing to develop a flash picture book ebook that can be compiled for iphone and ipad.

Oprah yesterday showed an example of an ipad picture book with one item animated on each page. Very cool looking. Will look to see if there is an online link.

Just imagine Lula's Brew with the brew bubbling...
Oooo, Anne - I'd love to see which one she featured! And truly, so much of the web is flash driven these days (you don't realize it until you surf on an iPad and see holes where flash used to be). Surely they'll come up with some sort of compromise.
Anne Bielby said…
Here's a link to the video of the clip from Oprah:
Anonymous said…
A video showing all the interactive things the Alice book does:
Anne Bielby said…
Oops, I see you posted the video about Alice for Ipad (the second link) on April 18th already. I must have missed your blog that day! Should have known you are right on top of everything new and innovative in children's lit!

Ha! You're sweet Anne! Thanks for the Oprah link!

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