Earth Day in Mrs. Chac's class!

Photos are starting to come in from classrooms who used my Earth Day images this year. Yay!

     Here are some pics from Mrs. Chac's 2nd grade class at W.T. Hanes Elementary School. Does this look like a great bunch of kids or what!?
     For Earth Day they made buttons (using my "Love the World You're On" art)...

decorated Earth bags (with this year's Earth Day image)...

And along with some more great activities which you can read about here, Mrs. Chac ordered a t-shirt too. Lookin' good Mrs. C!

Makes you feel good about our future, doesn't it?
HUGS, HUGS to all of the students in Mrs. Chac's class!!!! (And thanks SO much for sharing!)
Oh, and say it with me guys... "Soap, soap, soap..."

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Anonymous said...

"Jabon,Jabon,Jabon!" Thank you for writing about us on your blog! We love your books!

Mrs. Chac's Class