Friday Linky List - August 21, 2015

From Writers Write (via StumbleUpon): 45 ways to avoid using the word 'very'

From Design School: Color Theory - very cool!

From Nathan Bransford: Creativity tip: When you need inspiration, figure out what you need to know

From School Visit Experts: Tense About School Visits? You Don't Have to Do Them

From This is Edinburgh: Official Local Guide to Edinburgh: One Day, A Must see guide - did several of these recently.

Here's What Walking Does To Your Brain - which is why I moved to a pedestrian city! (We do not own a car now!)

At (via SCBWI Belgium): How Diverse Are the Books You Read to Your Kids? Here's Why it Matters

From The Washington Post (via Binders Full of MG Writers FB Group): Do book tours sell books? Maybe not, but that shouldn't stop you from having a good time

We met the nicest couple in the airport on the way to Edinburgh. Turned out they own a PR firm and this is one of their performers, Madame Sunshine Helene (click the image to go listen):

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