More on the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

Truly, we are right in the heart of it. We had breakfast this morning on the corner - a true Scottish breakfast. I had haggis for the first time and actually loved it! No apartment viewings today so we are just leisurely meandering and enjoying all the sights and sounds. And oh, are there some! Prepare for image overload...

These guys were amazing - maybe the same ones I was listening to last night:
I keep getting pictures of Stan (and he's getting pics of me, which I don't have yet). Y'all are just going to have to get used to his handsome mug!

Yes, that is a traditional bagpipe player in a kilt...and a stormtrooper in a kilt.

Fringe Festival on the Royal Mile is all about performances - most of which happen in small theatres or pubs just off the street. So, on the street, members of the cast are constantly trying to hand you flyers about their performances. They get creative with their delivery methods and many wear the costumes from their performances.

Just off the Royal Mile, we finally found The Writers Museum. Can't wait to go back and explore!
On the way back up to the main road, I was greeted by dragons:
And perhaps one of these days we'll take one of these:

Reality check: I'm in our flat putting together this post, but I had to take a break to hang laundry (dealing with laundry in Europe needs to be its own blog post) by the open window, where I'm being serenaded by the cast of Oliver from the street below. This is my life now.


Unknown said...

This has been so fun to see your adventures thus far! Oh, to be in Scotland!! It looks just fabulous. I like the "Witchery"!

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

Isn't the Witchery cool, Lauren? We're going to go back and do it when it's a little less crowded. :) e

melinda beavers said...

I also tried Haggis during my brief visit in Scotland—it's nicely spiced…but my brain won't quite let me get around what it actually is to eat a whole serving. LOL

Have you heard yet, that the Scottish national animal is the UNICORN? I just love that… I don't think I'm Scottish at all, but if I could choose, I'd go with them. ;)


Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

Melinda - I know what you mean, although I'm a proponent of the "Nose to Tail" trend. Basically, if you're going to use an animal, you honor it by using the whole thing. So, the idea of haggis doesn't bother me as much.

And yah! Go Unicorns! I was such a freak for them when I was a kid! :) e