Villevry, France - life-long friends

I’m backing up a bit to catch you up with our adventures. We flew out of Atlanta on Sunday and arrived at Charles de Gaulle in Paris the next day. Our dear friends Claude and Monique picked us up from the airport and we headed straight to their house in the country from there.
Claude and Monique are my french parents from when I was an exchange student in college. It’s been a glorious, 30-year-long relationship that has meant more to me than I can ever express. All I can say is, if you or your children ever have the chance to do an exchange, I hope you will!
      At any rate, we spent our first few days in the perfection of their country house - the former sheep barn (on the right in the grilling picture) has been converted into a lovely little guest house.
The weather has been so lovely, we spent every day, all day sitting outside under the umbrella, working at the picnic table.
I’ve got a new project going on which has kept me from being in pure vacation mode. (More on that later.) Although, it’s been hard to get anything done with our friend’s warm welcome!

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