Hidden Treasures in Blois

Saturday was the weekly market in Blois. It was as charming as you can imagine. But Stan had seen something just beyond the market that caught his eye. The only marking was a little sign on a little chair on a steep set of stairs tucked into the very back of the market.
Inside was a perfectly terraced little garden with lovely seating.
And on the other side, a little bar where a small winery has a tasting once a month, served with little bites of chèvre. How marvelous!
What we're discovering here in Blois is that the treasures are often off the beaten path, tucked around corners and hidden in tight spaces. We left with a bottle of wine for a dinner Stan will prepare with our market finds.
What we're also discovering is that the people are marvelously friendly and helpful here...and that we need to become fluent with numbers and money as quickly as possible!


Diana said...

So lovely. I love traveling in Europe in the little villages. Have a wonderful time on your adventure.

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

Thanks Diana! :) e