Friday Linky List - 03 June 2016

From Chronicle - Book Love: Perfumes that smell like old books

From 99U: How To Work Alone

From The Guardian: Simon Cowell gets star advice on plan to write children's book

From Upworthy: Ever wish you could live inside your favorite book? You can at this incredible new place - The Rabbit HOle!

From The Scottish Book Trust: More Ways to Creatively Recycle Your Books

From Candy "Candy was one of the best authors that we've ever seen. She never stopped talking." Plus: How not to take photos of children

At HubSpot: 5 Quirks of the Human Brain Every Marketer Should Understand

Want to see what's considered the best of illustration right now? The AOI (Association of Illustrators) just released this year's SHORT LIST for their World Illustration Awards.

From Grow Your Potential: 5 Ways to Appear More Confident When Presenting (from my fabulous TEDx Coach, Mel Sherwood).


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