Lunch by the Sea

Continuing my speed dating play date with author/illustrator Julia Patton, we popped in her car and headed down the east coast of Northumberland. This is a rocky shoreline, deep and dark with crashing waves. I have yet to see it in sunshine, although Stan recently did. And apparently it was a beautiful day for cricket just the day before. But I rather like a grey sky when you spot something like Bamburgh Castle for the first time. It's completely intimidating.
We continued down the coast to Craster where we had lunch at the Jolly Fisherman. Jolly indeed! This was our view during lunch.
Lunch itself was a feast of crab stew, pickled herring, smoked haddock (made just across the street), and various fish dips, which were positively heavenly.
Julia is very happy in Northumberland and its easy to see why. I caught her in a moment of reflection before we left.
On the way back to the train we had time for one last mini-adventure. We drove out to Holy Island. Like Mt. St. Michelle in France, this island is only reachable when the tide is out. Woes to those who don't time their day well!
From there we headed back to the sweet little train station (it only has two platforms - north and south). Julia and I hugged like old friends and yet, I know I've found a dear new friend. I can't wait to go back!

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