Friday Linky List - 24 June 2016

From The Roanoke Times: Arts & Extras: A summer crop of children's illustrators - Starring me and my fellow faculty at Hollins University MFA in Children's Book Writing and Illustrating!

From the Scottish Book Trust: Clowning Around with Wordless Picture Books

From Entertainment Weekly: Lane Smith explains the origins of his darkly funny picture books

From Fangirl: The Heroine's Journey: How Campbell's Model Doesn't Fit

From SLJ's Fuse #8 (Betsy Bird): Denying Children's Literature: When Adult Authors Talk About Youthful Indiscretions

From The New York Times: Is It Harder to Be Transported By a Book As You Get Older?

From NPR: You Gonna Finish That? What We Can Learn From Artworks In Progress

From Mile High Reading via 100 Scope Notes: Coming Soon: 2017 - Picture Books Part One

From 1584 Cambridge University Press: The Most Influential Children's Fantasy Books


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