Going Away/Birthday Party

We have made so many good friends since arriving in Edinburgh (a year ago come August). I wanted the chance to spend time with every single one of them before I leave for the states for six weeks (to teach Picture Book Design at Hollins University). I didn't have enough time, of course, so the only solution was to have a party!
     Behind the camera is eight-year-old Pedro on his first photography gig. I think he did a pretty great job! Of course, I love seeing things through his eyes - which hit slightly above belly button level.

Here was the spread - at the bar, being enjoyed by Karin...

the salmon...
And the coffee table with its new glass top after the Donna Summer incident.
I was tickled by the friends who came, like Penelope and her husband Robert, Connie, Dick and those not pictured - Rosie, Jo, Catherine, and Pedro of course.

Shona and Marta

Mel and her boyfriend Eddie (not pictured)

C, Pedro's dad Ash, and Amandine
Stan got a chance to relax despite all his cooking. (He made vegan chili and Jamie Oliver's goulash - YUM!) Here he is with Paul.
And if there is any doubt to the budding skills of this young photographer - he got a photo of me which may become my new avatar. I look so happy! And I was, indeed. All my favorite people were in the same room together. They got to know each other's wonderful selves, to find out why I love them all so. What a fabulous send-off! See you all when I get back!

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