Monoprinting Workshop

I told you one of the reasons I chose the University of Edinburgh is because of Picture Hooks. Well, Picture Hooks is offering several Masters Workshops through the year. One of them took place recently - Monoprinting at the National Portrait Gallery - which happens to be right at the top of my street. Even so, I hadn't been there yet. It was breathtaking.

George Douglas and Vivian French hosted a two-day workshop on creating simple monoprints. The concept was that not everybody has access to an amazing print lab like we have at the College of Art. No worries, you don't need all that fancy equipment. Our tools were simple. We used water-based inks, simple tools and everyday objects.

First George demonstrated how it all works.
Then he set us to it. It was mostly about simple mark making, which is exactly what I need right now. I'm really trying to go back to the basics in my quest for creating instinctually. Here I am making fun marks.
My results weren't pretty, but that wasn't the point. I was experimenting with pressure, inks, different ways of making marks, etc.
On day two, we took those pages and pages of marks and set to collage. Truly, there's nothing like pulling out the scissors and glue sticks to bring out your inner child. We had a blast.

And the nice thing is, we all signed up for these workshops at the same time. (They filled up in a matter of days.) So, this group of creative souls will come back together again and again. It's a fun bunch - I'm thrilled to get to know them better. And our results were amazing.

My collage turned out rather dark - I call it "Demons in the Forest."
Z'okay, I did a second piece that was a little lighter.
All said, this was a fabulous workshop. Will I do mono printing on my own in the future? Who knows. But at least I know how. And I'm pushing myself and learning - that's key. I can't wait for the next workshop!

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