My square - St. Andrews Square

I am so lucky to walk an almost daily path through one of the most popular squares in Edinburgh - St. Andrews Square. I've talked about it before, when it was home to the Keyframes exhibit and the Christmas Village. But my favorite state for the square is when it has absolutely nothing going on... Nothing but sunshine.
     It's a lovely level ground with a Costa in the corner. You can go get a tea and a snack and then go find a spot. People melt like little dollops of pancake batter on the green expanse.
     I did it myself the other day. I wasn't quite ready to be inside, so I got a snack and sat. The crinkly sound of my wrapper soon drew a new friend.
I gave her a bit of gluten free brownie. I hope ducks can eat chocolate.
     I laid back and enjoyed the sunshine, the quiet clatter of people, the construction worker who lighted the sound of his occasional hammering by singing "DAY-OH!"
It was lovely.
     Of course, being one of the most popular squares means it won't stay still for long. In fact, I walked by the very next day only to find that the square had been transformed once again to show free movies through the weekend.
It's a nice line-up of movies. I hope I can steal a moment to take advantage.
But even if I can't, I know I'll be able to enjoy another sunbeam in the grass there soon.


Genetta said...

They have gluten free brownies at Costa?? I wish I'd known that!

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

Now that I know, I'm in trouble! :) e

Kristine T. said...

Sounds lovely!