Welcome back to Roanoke!

Returning to Hollins University was like coming home. The MFA in Children's Book Writing and Illustrating program takes four years to complete, so students and faculty become like family. And it was like no time had passed since I last saw everybody (even though, it's been a very big year)!
     Our first week back was chocked full of getting studios prepared, supplies in place, books in order, groceries purchased, orientations, meet and greets, and of course, classes! Crazy, I tell you!
     But in getting John Rocco back to the airport on time on Saturday, we also got to see Roanoke again. We took him for BBQ and the downtown farmers market which happens every Saturday.
With a few minutes to kill, we wound up a curvy road to a small park at the top of Mill Mountain and the Star Park. I do love this adorable little Appalachian town. For one thing, it is positively BEAUTIFUL here.

This is the view from the lookout set below the Roanoke Star.
It's an enormous star that lights up every night and the city is known for it. At its base is a lovely little park. I can't believe Stan and I didn't find this in all our bimbling here last summer. There a mini-trail to hike, with lush green, cooler temperatures, and a welcoming woodsy smell.
And it took so little time to wind up the mountain to see it. Gotta come back here! Ahhhhh!

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