Pop-up Library at Hollins University

Yes, we have a gorgeous library here at Hollins University with a lovely children's section in it. That's it to the right...
However, each summer in the Visual Arts Building we create a pop-up children's library consisting of picture books from our own faculty collections.
     The returns pile alone is like my favorite candy store. (We have student workers who refile these by theme.)
      I even have my orange book shelf here, covered with some of my personal faves.
But what I was most excited about returning to this year were our new books.
     We have a new, well-funded award hosted through Hollins University this year - the Margaret Wise Brown Prize in Children's Literature. To submit books to the prize, publishers have to send four copies of their books to be considered to Hollins. Most go to the judges, but one lovely copy goes to our children's book collection here at Hollins.
     OMG - can you say droooooool? So, each year, the best and top picture books from the publishing houses will be making their way to our campus, where me and my students will be glued to the pages as we flip through them all with glee. It's a lot of books to go through, but I've already begun. Can you say HEAVEN?

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Tina said...

I (Tina--unsure of whether Google knows my true identity right now) read a few of those award-related books today because I already took home some extra copies. I want to spend some time browsing in your pop-up library, too.