Auld Reekie

Oftentimes, the air in Edinburgh has a yeasty or bread-baking-like smell to it - like you could chew the air rather than breathe it. Although breathing it in deeply is much like aromatherapy. It's the smell of the mash being processed at a local distillery and I adore it. Some towns smell like paper mills, Edinburgh smells of whisky, beer and gin in the making. In fact, we happened across a small distillery this past weekend, and yes, there was the lovely smell. We stopped to take a photo only to realize that we had disturbed a couple in the middle of a romantic moment beside the still. Oops! I love this town.


Amandine said…
Yes !! And there is an exhibition right now at the National Library about Maps (it's fun, for real), and there is a map with the different "smells" of The Auld Reekie , where they are etc... :) check it out if you have 20 minutes to spare !
Groovy! We should do that together after uni lightens up! :)
Anonymous said…
Wonder how often they clean that copper to keep it shining so pretty. Fascinating that there is actually a map of smells. Thanks for sharing!

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